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The last thing that you want to see on your wall is a hole, it just looks ugly and makes the house look pretty worn out. The Drywall repair is super important at this stage as avoiding the fixtures would just lead to extensive damage to the wall. Whether you are looking to apply the final touches to the wall or working on remodeling the project, drywall installation service professionals know how to do it all without breaking your bank.

Our extensive services are repairing the drywalls, refaxing and many other things as well. Everything that is wrong with your wall, our drywall contractors can get it fixed.

No matter how badly affected your wall is, our Simi Valley drywall contractors can make it 100% in working and good-looking condition as well. Whatever and however you find your overall area to be, make sure you are getting it done right on time so the damage done to the wall is not big.

  • Whether you have
  • Cracks from settling
  • Doorknob holes
  • Wear & Tear
  • Mice Damage
  • Kids Damage
  • Drywall Anchor Holes
  • Throwing Dart Holes


Our drywall contractors Simi Valley, CA can fix everything, so without worrying about anything you can contact us and be ready to see a big change in your house.


Crown Molding Repair and Installation

Drywall Installation Services Simi Valley, California

Paul’s General drywall contractors Simi Valley, CA do not just promise to get your crown repaired we can get it all installed too. No matter how worn out the whole condition is, we can fix it all in the best possible way. If you are looking to add some style and value to your house, you must start with installing the crown molding effectively.

One of our Simi Valley drywall specialties is Crown Molding and we do not shy away from any kind of work that makes your house pretty. Starting from colonial to extravagant modern installations, our experienced personnel are 100% insured and can do it all to effectively and curatively reflect the style of your home.


Custom Bookcases and Shelves

Your house deserves a nice bookcase or nice decorative shelves that you can use to place your aesthetic elements. With the right kind of shelve you can bring your whole room together, it increases the aesthetics of the house and gives you ample support and time to decorate it.

Shelving helps in meeting the storage with style. With the availability of the right and experienced handymen team, you can bring a life to your whole room. You can get different kinds of shelves and bookcases in your room to elevate the look. Following are a few kinds of shelving that our experts and experienced in.

  • Custom Mantles
  • Custom Shelving
  • Floating Shelves
  • Built-ins


Trim Painting and Crown Molding

Trim Painting and Crown Molding can be very physically exhausting tasks, we recommend you get the trim painted or molded first and then go for the installation. It would save you both time and money, whereas an unsatisfactory paint job can land you in a big problem.

If you are interested in getting your room or house renovated and adding some exceptional and good-looking bookshelves, we are your solution.

Drywall Installation Services Simi Valley, California

When it comes to doing this job, we believe in making a tough job more simple as it can be quite difficult for some people to do it. By removing the damaged pieces and old images and replacing them with everything new as well as drywall, our drywall contractors Simi Valley, CA do the job effectively. We handle the project from the start till the very end. The overall services of drywall installation include

  • Green board, stucco installation, sheetrock, and gypsum
  • Painting and finishing touches
  • Drywall hanging
  • Drywall taping and mudding


Wainscotting Repair and Installation

Wainscot is the combination of chair rail, baseboard, wall paneling, and molding that create a pretty aesthetic and visually appealing look. It gives quite a classic look to both your hallway and the room. You can depend on our experts for the installation of wainscotting in your home or rooms.

Paul’s General LLC in Simi valley is the place to go if you come across some wrecks and faults on the walls!