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Framing construction is one huge part of the overall safety and design of every project. Framing construction is one of the first levels that come in constructing a new home. However, it requires some kind of expertise and the abilities of a framing contractor who is qualified enough to do the job. In case you are looking for installation and framing in Simi Valley, CA there is no one you should be depending on other than Paul’s General Construction LLC., there is no one you should be depending on other than Paul’s General Construction LLC.

The building process of any structure includes Framing and it comes right after the overall foundation work is done and has dried. Our expertise in the field of construction directly falls under the framing area. We usually do the wood framing for ceilings, and walls both for residential and commercial construction. Other than that, our experts work on metal framing as well, however, they are usually entirely for commercial properties. Since they need stronger support and bigger buildings, metal framing is important in this case.

Our Simi Valley installation and framing experts are aware of all these services and we are positive that you will get the best workmanship at Paul’s General Construction LLC with extremely competitive prices and timely delivery. Framing jobs might look a little intimidating and complicated. Nevertheless, when you follow proper logical order, the overall job becomes much easier. One intimidating job is however the overall safety of the employees and we make sure our workers wear all the safety gear to ensure they are all safe and sound.

Framing Types Paul’s General Construction LLC is Indulged In!

The Framing Stage is one of the initial stages that is both exciting and intimidating, the overall construction project is undoubtedly a little intimidating as the project holds a lot more importance in the framing stage. However, there are various types of framings that can be done by Paul’s General Construction LLC. It it’s the stage where the builder envisions the building and oversees how the whole building would look at the end of the day. A perfect framed structure is a kind of skeleton that includes all the other elements such as windows, doors, and drywall.

There are three different kinds of construction frames and the following are the most important elements of each stage.


  • Light Frame

It is a whole framing system that uses a number of small and compact components that are assembled with the help of nails. Bathhouses and barracks are the perfect examples of such structures and they only need light frame construction. Our experts do not take the responsibility to cover them but there are three main kinds of light frame construction that we work on and they are called braced, western and balloon frame.


  • Heavy Frame

It is known as one of the post and beam construction types as this method uses heavy and large timbers in order to build long-lasting and permanent structures. These are comparatively on the pricier sides but so worth getting it.


  • Expedient Frame

These frames need attention and an easier form of all the techniques. Framing them is tricky but it is more convenient as well therefore we prefer using this technique more often. Examples of this frame include the use of salvaged frames along with wood substitutes that directly erect the light coming into the structures.


Wood Frame Construction

Installation and Framing Simi Valley, CA

It is the most used form of material in the current construction industry. Wood framing is the kind of technique that is explained as the assembling of dimensional lumber that is generally fastened and spaced together with nails in order to create roof constructions, floor construction, and wall construction.

The assembling of floors, walls, stairs, and roofs are all made of some particular kinds of wood components and they look like a skeleton when pictured together in order to form the right structure. Here are how the wood measurements are broken down to use them in the perfect manner.

  • Walls

They are generally erected with studs of 2×4 or 2×6 sizes with a space of 16 inches or 24 inches apart.

  • Roofs

They are usually built with the use of 2×6 or 2×8 rafters.

  • Floors

They are generally built with 2×10 joists.
Once the roofs and floors are placed, the sheathing is nailed before all the other materials are applied. Despite the structural bones build out of the wood, the overall frame structure looks very different from the outside.

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