Garage Conversions

We have the contractors to revamp your worn-out garage in Simi Valley, CA!



Skeptical about renovating your Garage? Here is why you should do it!

More Money won’t Hurt

Everybody out there is looking to earn some extra income, however, what if we tell you, you have the extra income right outside your porch. You can convert your garage into something fruitful and be blessed with a second income that you can utilize for our next vacation. Garage Conversion in Simi Valley, CA is the best thing that you can do to your garage.

You can either rent your garage out to someone else and earn money out of it. It is a long-term stable source of income. However, if you do not want someone to have your garage for longer period, you can always rent it out for a shorter time period. We however recommend you go for a longer period as it is more stable. Even if you do not wish to go for it, the minimum time period you can rent it out for is 30 days.

Make it Better 

Your Garage is your space and you can do whatever you wish to do with it. At Paul’s Garage Conversion in Simi Valley, CA you have a chance to make it something better than it is already.


It will not only make your house look better but can also give you the opportunity to cash it. When you talk about Simi Valley, you have a plethora of options to turn your garage into.

It can be a law unity, workshop, backyard cottage, or yoga place. Whatever you want to wish to do with it, the Garage Conversion, Simi Valley CA team can construct it for you.

Family Place 

Want to go on a vacation but do not have a budget? One of the many things that you can do to your Garage is you can turn it into something that can be a perfect picnic spot for you.

Whenever you have your faraway cousins visiting you, you can utilize the space for a family bar be ques and have some family time with your loved ones.

Your Garage is a perfect alternative for the bigger house and if you have someplace or you can also turn it into a bedroom for your college-away kid. There are endless possibilities when you hire the Paul’s Garage Conversion in Simi Valley, CA and benefit from everything that they have to offer.

How It is Done?

Knowing how the job is done is one important step of getting the job done regardless of who is doing it. This is why we have shortlisted some of the points that would allow you to learn how Garage Conversion in Simi Valley works.

  1. You can get consultation both online and in-person and take all the required information from the consultants. They can give you an estimate of how much would you be spending on them and how the project can turn out to be.
  2. Garage Conversion is a one-stop shop and we provide all services from measuring the areas to designing plans and doing surveys wherever needed.
  3. We recommend you meet the designer and the architect in person and discuss how you want your garage to be. What do you want out of this Garage? Are you looking to convert it for commercial use? Or you are planning to convert it into something that can be a perfect family place? This is the meeting that one cannot skip, make sure you are discussing all your concerns and problems with the relevant person and are asking all the right questions. You will not be making any final decisions at this stage and but it can give a perfect idea of how your place would turn out to be.
  4. At this stage, you should be planning city submittal. When you have submitted all the plans to the city, it’s imperative for you to pay for different kinds of permits. It’s time you start all the prep work in order to construct the overall conversion of the garage.
  5. When you have started the process of garage conversion, the good part of this stage is it is not really a stressful part of the whole process. This is mainly because you will be working with us.
  6. This is the final inspection stage, along with our experts the audience is expected to walk through the whole property in order to ensure the work is done according to all the instructions.
  7. It is entirely ready now, so you can either live in it or rent it.


Why Choose Us?

Garage Conversion in Simi Valley, CA is something new in the market; however, not many people are aware of it and the perks that it provides. With the help of the right team, you can transform your whole house and that is why we recommend one should not leave their garage idle and make the best use of it.

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