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  • 01Roof Structure and Floor Slab>>
  • 02Slab and Plinth Beam>>
  • 03Door Window Framing>>
  • 04Plumbing and Electrician Work>>
  • 05Exterior Finishing>>
  • 06Terrace and Roof Finishing>>
  • 07Internal Finishes>>
  • 08Woodwork and Fixture Fitting>>
  • 09Water Damage Restoration>>
  • 10Painting Work >>
  • 11Ready to get your home a new look? >>

Roof Structure and Floor Slab

One of the most important parts of the whole process is to have a solid foundation.

If the foundation of your building is not strong and is shaky, there is no point in decorating your house and adorning it as the shakier the whole foundation is the more difficult it would be for the whole house to sustain.

After the workers are done constructing the lintel on the windows and door, the framework is started to design the slab resting on the beam and column.

Over the framework of the slab, the reinforcement of the slab is placed just according to the detailed drawing on every slab.

With the right technique and everything, you can have a solid roof structure and floor slab.

Slab and Plinth Beam

When you are finally over with the foundation work, it is important to be focused on more important things such as the Slab and Plinth Beam.

Once you are done with the foundation work, you start preparing for the ground beam which is very nicely poured with the concrete.

Along with the plinth beam, the masonry work is also started, they both go together and are important for the overall construction process. Other than that, the space between the plinth beam and foundation is also further filled with soil.

Door Window Framing

You are done with the foundation work, slab and plinth beams are also done now is the time to move forward and get your doors and windows framed effectively.

One of the many things that you have to do is to ensure you are getting the right material for it.

When you have the overall structure designed and structured, you give a designated space to the window and door framing as well.

Once the drawing is done and you have completed the more important tasks, the framing of doors and windows is done at their specified positions.

Plumbing and Electrician Work

The construction of the house does not only include the work done on the outside. It includes a lot of everything that is needed to be completed inside the house as well.

One of the many things of it includes the plumbing and electrician work. It is impossible to get the whole house done without getting the right plumbing done. They need to be done in a way that is not very visible and is hidden.

They are installed in the slabs and walls in a way that is concealed after the whole finishing work is done. Moreover, the pipes and point ends are left out in a way that can be later finished with the help of plumbing fixtures and electric fitting.

Exterior Finishing

The plumbing is done, all the electrical wires are adjusted and attached and basically, the insides of the house are totally complete.

Now is the time to focus more on the exterior of the house as well. The more attractive the exterior is the more regular people are interested in looking at what is in the house.

The exterior requires a lot of work too which includes the external plastering once the finishing work is begun. Apart from this, waterproofing is also done which prevents the rise in wall dampness.

With the external cladding, you can elevate the whole look of the house.

Terrace and Roof Finishing

Remember how we discussed your foundation should be very strong and in case it is shaky there is no point in getting the whole house reconstructed or renovated.

The same thing applies to the roof as well. It is a part of the whole foundation; therefore it is said terrace and roof finishing should be given extra care and attention.

One of the many problems that most people face is roof leakage, on the top of the slab, the construction workers get waterproofing done in order to prevent leakage.

Generally, the construction workers get the terrazzo tiling one which helps in preventing the slab from weathering impact.

Internal Finishes

You need a house that does not only have a good look from the outside but from the inside too and the right construction company would do just that for you.

You must make sure there is not any leakage from any kind of wall or ceiling or floors or just anything literally.

All the internal walls are plastered with a smooth finish and with the help of tiles the flooring is done. Later then the walls are textured and painted as well.

Woodwork and Fixture Fitting

There is no better type of adoration and embellishment for your house than getting wooden work done in your house.

It brings the classiest impact and gives the perfect look for the whole house and this is one of the reasons why people are going for this kind of decoration all around the world.

When you are done with all the construction work, the main furniture work is started. Along with it, we began working on electrical fitting, plumbing fitting, and switchboards in both kitchen and bathroom areas.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can literally ruin your whole house, one of the biggest mistakes that most people make is they do not give much importance to the water restoration services in the house.

You should be careful about it and make sure the house is secured in all ways. At this stage, you prevent the water from coming to your house.

It is one essential point that keeps the house dry and livable. It further helps in the minimization of humidity in the house and therefore protects things that are inside the house from the damage caused by water exposure and humidity.

Painting Work

Last but not least, painting work gives the final look of the house and makes sure the house looks chic and amazing. With the right kinds of products and skilled workers, the whole job can be done effortlessly and effectively.

One of the most important purposes of the house is to give your house a long life and add different colors to it. It helps in giving your house the perfect and beautiful makeover that your home truly deserves.
Not only that, it also helps in protecting the house from all the dirt and stains eventually giving your house a long life. However, we all know how stains just have a way of finding their way to your house.

Various forms of paint can be used in the house but you have to use the good one to protect the longevity of the paint and protect it from all kinds of stains. Give your house an extra 5-10 years with good quality paint.

Ready to get your home a new look?

Investing in your house is very important you have to ensure you are using all top-quality materials and giving your house everything, it needs.

Using cheap quality stuff may give you some relief financially but you would end up spending a lot more in order to recover and renovate the house every now and then.

This is why it is mainly suggested to give your house the quality products that it deserves. And we promise to deliver you the quality that your house deserves, so do not waste any more time and hit us up!

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