Roof Tear off in Simi Valley

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Pauls General Construction LLC is a well-known name in the industry working generally for all kinds of tear-offs that a roof bears. It is a part of the overall roofing job as well, while tear-off may seem like a small job it itself is a big task to do. However, while we highly depend on our availability we also provide some roof removal jobs as well apart from the Roof tear-off service.

Our entire portfolio of services includes dump trucks and crew that needed to haul away all the cleanup and debris. We also provide other services as well such as hauling and debris removal for every kind of project, whenever needed. Schedule a meeting to get a free estimate or consultation.

What is Roof Tear Off?

Roof Tear off in Simi Valley, CA

Removal of a roof is basically known as a roof tear. Our experts tear off the overall old roofs to make new ones for their customers. Removing the old underlayment, tiles, shingles, and flashing, allows us to start fresh and replace the old roof with a new one by using new and fresh materials.

For the Roof tear-off service in Simi Valley, we start with a clean slate which means we get to have a good look at the roof first, understand what the issues are, and then fix all the problems that we identify.

What Sets Pauls General Construction LLC Apart from Other Companies?

Roofing removal is no eBay job, it requires you to be on top of your game and be active as well since it needs physical strength with expertise. Apart from this, the whole process, of tear-off can get messy, there is typically a ton of nails and a bunch of debris from the shingles.

This is the most important part of the job to keep your yard clean. we put protective grounds down using tarps, and plywood, and we lean sheeting board on the house to cover over the top of the bushes. We really just take extra precautionary steps so that nothing gets damaged during the tear-off process. This is one of the many reasons Pauls General Construction LLC stands out in the market.


How We Do It?

Roof Tear off in Simi Valley, California

Protects the Property

One reason why you must get your roofing done is that it protects the property. It safeguards your property and makes sure no harm is done to it in any way. Our experts hand protective tarps that go from gutters right to the grounds in order to preserve your home exterior. Tarps are further used to spread all over the ground that surrounds the home in order to catch both debris and nails.

Roof Tear Off

The process begins by removing the roofing shingles with the help of shingle rakes and pitchforks. Our experts then slide under the shingles and lift them up from the roof surface. When you start far away from the dumpster or containers, the roofers start to tear off. We then further work section by section in order to ensure all the shingle layers along with roofing materials are removed.

Clean-up and Installation

Once we are done with the roof tear-off, we make it our responsibility to clear it all off. It is important for us to keep the space clean while working therefore we make sure we are getting it all cleaned. After cleaning up we install the new roof and replace the old one with a new one.